The music industry is such a dynamic and volatile one that requires flexible approach from each industry player at every point in time. In this article, I will go right straight into it and highlight the things that makes people fail in the music industry;

  1. Everybody Wants To Be On The Stage

Being on the stage, seen and celebrated by the audience or fans can be a beautiful experience because we’re all human beings that love to be appreciated but not everyone is meant to be an Artiste, band members or part of the crew on stage.
However, there different careers in the music industry [I will be writing about in another article] that we all have the talents and capacity for asides being an Artiste. It’s an important point you need to consider if you find yourself struggling to succeed in your chosen career in the music industry.

  1. Being Over-Rated

As the popular saying goes “Packaging is everything” can be true at some point but it most times backfires if you’re not competent in your field. You shouldn’t promise what you can not deliver because first impression last long and whatever experience your clients have in doing business with you really matters in customer retention. Understand the level you are in your career per time and put a price tag to it accordingly as you grow from there then your value will also increase.
Sometimes it is better to be underrated and over deliver than the other way round because the word of mouth is the best form of marketing, its spreads like wild fire and your client has that power in their hand always.

  1. Bringing Only Music To The Table

The music industry cuts across almost every other industries and most creatives always boxed themselves with their arts of their craft only without learning other things that can enhance their careers which why most can’t break even. It is necessary that you develop additional skills especially when you don’t have a larger team you’re working with.
There are the business, tech, media, fashion and logistics aspects that enhances Music as an Art and not developing skills in this areas will definitely bring about a stunted growth of your career as an Artiste or a music professional.

  1. Lack Of Marketing And Promotional Skills

Marketing and promotion is the lifeline of every business or brand. A product without a good marketing plan won’t penetrate into the market no mater how good it is. This applies more to Artistes, many of them depend on sending their songs to just Friends and family which is a very basic way of marketing, that way your music won’t go far if you can’t intentionally cook up unique ideas on how to penetrate into the market amongst thousands of tracks dropping everyday.

  1. Poor Work Ethics

As music professionals in different capacities, you can not sustain your career in this highly competitive industry if you don’t possess good work ethics like excellent time management, effective communication skills, hardwork etc.
Regardless of how intelligent or talented you are if you don’t develop good work ethics then you have successfully place a limit to your career’s life span because you will begin to fall short of expectations and things will be happening so fast than you can catch up with as you grow as an Artiste or a music business professional.

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