Tips to becoming successful in the music industry

In the music industry being a successful artist doesn’t just happen because you can sing well, there are a lot of good artists that are not known, not because they cannot sing well but because they lack some essential information that they need to become a successful artist in the music industry.
We all need Edge, patience, consistency, and a sustainable process to follow to get to our desired goal as a music artist in the industry. I will be discussing five crucial tips that you can follow to help you become successful in the music industry.

1. Stay Informed: change is a constant thing in the world which is why in any sphere you meet yourself it’s quite important that you keep yourself updated on everything going on in your industry. know all that you need to know about your industry, know the latest songs, how to produce, get yourself a new manager, have a good taste, always follow trending news in other to be up to date in the music industry. For instance, you don’t need a record label to promote your songs, you can promote your songs with the help of social media, if you are not updated you wouldn’t know about this. If you are not informed you will be deformed.

2. Meet musicians like yourself: It’s a great skill to know how to keep relationships especially with people in your industry, keeping a mutual or beneficial relationship is key for you to become successful in the music industry. You know the general saying in Nigeria ‘it is who you know that matters’. For you to be successful in the music industry you need to be skillful at networking as you need to meet new people always and connect with them on all mediums possible for you to be able to keep in touch with them. Attend their parties, concerts, live shows, and the likes, this will help you meet new people and learn from them.

3. Invest in yourself: A lot of us do not take this so seriously as we ought to, you need to pay attention to this, as a music artist, you need to do a lot of work on yourself. You need to be fashionable, creative, valuable, excellent (you can also add yours). Read music books, go for musical trainings, do internships with big music brands/companies and don’t be too big to serve in your industry, it helps you gain more experience and learn how things are been done in the music industry. As a musician either a male or female, you need to pay attention to your looks, skin, dress, hair, and shoe, all these have to be intact and fashionable. You do not have to break the bank before you can look good, you just have to know how to combine colors and clothes, if you are not so good with this, and you can always talk to a fashion designer to help you out. The knowledge of yesterday is not enough for today in the music industry. You need to keep investing in yourself and be at the top of your game, know what makes you different from others.

4. Be Excellent: This implies to all you do, to become successful in the music industry, you need to be excellent yourself, your songs have to be top-notch, the lyrics and sound production all have to be really good for everyone that will be listening. Add extra stuff to your productions, be unique in all you do, let people know your kind of music, give people something that will keep them craving for more, don’t be mediocre, in your production, be creative and own your Music.

5. Do not give up: In life, you will face challenges, in the music industry there are a lot of challenges that you will face especially if you are an upcoming artist, you need to know there will always be a challenge but how you react to this challenges will determine how far you will go in the music industry, pick your battles and fight them strategically because there are a lot of battles in the music industry. All you need to do is to keep moving consistently, it is okay to take a break but do not quit.

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