Hard Truth: The Importance Of Music Sales

You might not know but, purchased music downloads are for the good of both the artistes and music consumers. I know you wonder how, let me walk you through it.

For the artiste, his music sales assures the artiste his work is loved and respected to the extent consumers can part with money to have it. No other encouragement can be more than this. Not to mention good music requires that good money is spent in its production. Studio sessions are not free neither do producers/musicians work for free. To enable the artistes churn out good materials from time to time, there has to be returns on previous productions, the producers/musicians who worked on previous production shouldn’t be owed to ensure they give their best on the new one. The artiste is able to monitor the sale of his work, having an idea of what returns should be and copyright/intellectual property issues are avoided as well. All of these contribute to the overall happiness of the artiste and all that work with him.

For music consumers who support authentic content and not adulterated ones, platforms for purchased music are good places to find them. Have you had the experience of downloading the free ones only to notice after downloading that they aren’t complete, with a particular blog signature or surprisingly badly recorded? Or you downloaded a totally different song that was only advertised as the one you wanted? These free platforms can’t guaranty the quality of the songs because the artiste may not have given them the right to his song, so they only upload scraps they find here and there.

Which would you rather have, a platform where you spend a token and get quality music of whichever artiste you want with the assurance that your beloved artiste is receiving royalties for his work or a platform where you download for free though use your data and have no idea what you get, just like the typical Nigerian “No testing”?!

Author- Temitayo Sholuade

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