No doubt that Nigerian music has progressed and evolved over time and, with the internet and the external influences that have made it what it is today, a number of things are evident. Every generation of musical artists has their peculiarities and has produced frontline popular music. However, in terms of production quality, international recognition and the forms of music that are classified as popular, there is an obvious fact that it has changed from what it was to what it is now.

Today, more Nigerians have international collaborations with their foreign counterparts like Wizkid, Davido and even a female counterpart Yemi Alade who featured Rick Ross on her latest song are selling out shows and shutting down arenas. This proves that there is a possibility that Nigerian artists who dare to be different to create sounds that the world has not heard before will be raised higher than the likes of today’s international pop stars. This is not to say that the Nigerian music industry is stagnant or un-progressive, as a critical assessment of the music scene with the present crop of artists presents a case of vitality where they are using their talent, creativity and entrepreneurial exuberance to rise above their challenges where there is a limited and unregulated industry structure to work with. They are able to forge musical ties in Africa and beyond, engaged in artistic collaborations as well as attract international affiliations.

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