Dumebi, Dumebi (inserts a danceable beat).. Everyone has probably heard this song in Nigeria. At the moment, it’s a hot “kek” song and Rema has become a hot “kek” artist for this banger…
Let’s give you some details about this amazing artist Rema. His birth name is Divine Ikubor and he was born in the year 2000. Yes, Rema is 18 years old…woahhh. He was born in the city of Benin.
Sources say that he started performing in churches from a very young age. While he was in secondary school, he formed a live band with his friend called Cent and they performed together until Cent had to leave due to some reasons.
Rema continued singing up until D’Prince discovered him and signed him into the Mavin Records officially. His first project was an EP titled ‘REMA-EP”. It had 4 songs in it namely “Dumebi”, “Why”, “Corny”, “Iron Man”.
The “Dumebi” track was the highlight of the EP as it made waves throughout Nigeria. Rema is a talented and young Nigerian artist with a good fashion sense and we can’t get over a fresh sound.
Social media has taken its toll of comparing Wizkid to Rema. Some even say he sounds better than him, hmmmmmm (people are entitled to their opinions anyway).
Rema does sound like Wizkid in a way though, maybe a younger version of his sound. Like the times of “holla at your boy”, when Star boy was still riding around with bikes in his music video.
The video of the hit song “Dumebi” was released a while back and people did have a lot to say about it. Some came up with the talk of it being childish, others said it was what not.
Think about this for a minute yeah? Rema is an average 18 year old..Now, what exactly were people expecting? A video in the club with lots of nude women? Of course not.
It’s amazing how he chose to express his own Dumebi love in his age range..A field trip with pretty and decent girls doing what 18 year olds should be doing.
Divine Ikubor is an amazing Afro beat artist and we can not get over his sound at the moment. Hopefully, he continues to give us hit tracks that would keep us dancing our legendary “zanku” and “shaku shaku”.
Dumebi has been on the charts for weeks now, banging through every speaker in the clubs and in our homes all round Africa. This is a promising start for this young artist and we hope to hear more hits from this amazing “Wizkid sound alike”.


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