The Fan-Culture Movement In The Afrobeats Community

In the making of stars, we cannot but lay much stress on the ‘fan-factor’. For anyone to be considered a SUPERSTAR, they must have in one way or the other, influenced some set of people – these sets of people consequently, look up to these STARS, they love and cherish their work ethics and lifestyles. And in some cases, they want to be so much like them. 

These people are not doing all of these because they’re gullible, they’ve rather found themselves overwhelmed by the positive/negative impacts of these ‘stars’ and can’t do but try to give back to them by majorly becoming their ‘fans’.

In my own terms, a fan can be considered as a person that has found pleasure/satisfaction/pride in supporting the brand of a STAR.

Than a ‘Fan’, there is a more loyal lover and supporter of a superstar, and here is where the word, STAN, comes in. A Stan sees no wrong in the doings of whoever superstar he supports, STANSHIP can be regarded as a monopoly of FANSHIP.

The Stan-Culture in the society we’ve found ourselves can be likened to AdeTiger’s words to Eniola in King of Boys, the movie. In his words, “Till I Die, Oba”. The only exceptionality is that stans are not recruited, neither do they need to give the stars they support any words of promise or assurance, they do everything they do subconsciously and it becomes a part of them- they don’t see themselves supporting any other Brand or Celebrity apart from that one that they’ve chosen to STAN.

As a FAN, you can choose to support as many superstars as you want but as a STAN, it is just that one, special person (celebrity).

The major highlight of Afrobeat Stan-Culture is in relation with three outstanding Superstars; Wizkid, Burna Boy and Davido. Fans of the above artists have come together in their numbers and given themselves respective titles to be associated with – Wizkid FC, Outsiders, and 30BG respectively. If you are associated with any of these titles, you’re automatically more than an ordinary fan but a STAN of any of the artists.

Subsequently, the Stan-Culture becomes so toxic due to the constant arguments between stans on who is and who isn’t the greatest in the industry. Apparently, as a loyal Stan, you stand up for the artist you support and go all out for them, this mostly results in Twitter bants and wars: it gets really hot.

In my opinion, the Stan-Culture isn’t as healthy as the Fan-Culture.

Shout-out to all WizKid’s “WizkidFc”, Davido’s “30BG” and Burna Boy’s “Outsiders”! But why stick to celebrating only one person when there are as much goods others can offer and supporting one doesn’t depreciate the greatness of the other. 

Don’t deprive yourself of experiencing other people’s greatness because of Hate. 

Love, Support, and Promote! Reduce the Toxicity. 

Author: Ta’ziyya

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