Networking is essential in the society because it gives individuals the avenue to interact and leverage on each other’s industry opportunities. As a music professional, you shouldn’t look out to network with just players in the music industry alone but also professionals in other industries that can be of help to your career e.g an entertainment lawyer, an accountant, a financial adviser or fashion consultant etc. The benefits of networking can be numerous but I have listed a few of them below;  

  • More opportunities: As you grow your network base, more opportunities will continue to open to you. The bigger your network the better for you as your chances of opportunities will increase. Networking the in the right way would grant you relationships with people who can open doors for you.
  • Influence: When you begin to network with the key people, you get more influencers that will talk about you everywhere both on social media and to friends etc; as you know that word of mouth is the best form of advert. This will add more social value to your brand or career. Hanging out with successful people also influences you to have a success mindset. You are the average of the people you spend the most time with.
  • You will get the help you need: Sometimes the solution to the challenges you have in your music career is just a phone call away or someone you know will know someone that can help you. You are always one person away from the solution you need per time, which is the reason why you need to take networking with the right people seriously. There’s a saying that says “People are money”, sometimes you may not have the money to pay for some services you need but if you’ve invested in networking, it will come in handy.

  Networking is like fuel that can help your music career grow exponentially either on social media, physically or anywhere you find yourself, make sure you socialize and engage with people and not just anyhow people but the right people that can add value to your career.

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