Review: Omah Lay Drops Debut Album “Boy Alone”

Omah Lay’s Debut Album, ‘Boy Alone‘ arrived Friday midnight, a work of art.

The album has been long overdue, it’s a lot of expectations and excitement to finally have the album at our hearings. 

The fourteen-track album is a mix of emotions, motivations and lot of sensual lyrics. Although the whole album is less than 40 minutes, without limiting the greatness of the album on the bright side, it’s the kind that you can vibe to without having to skip songs due to unnecessary longevity.

The title of the album sounds personal and original, you can feel the soulfulness and genuineness in each line in the track.

Normally, Omah Lay is known for his strong pen game and lyrical strength, Boy Alone is evident to that cause. In his response to a tweep, he said that the entire album was made from introspection which further explains the depth of the album.

The opening track is one of a kind, the intro is more like a random talk but in form of music, love to see the uniqueness.

Here’s a list of all the tracks on the album:



Bend you


I’m a mess



Never forget

Safe haven

Attention (feat. Justin Bieber)


How to luv

Tell everybody (feat. Tay Iwar)

Purple song

This album is majorly for relationship people, explore these sounds and do wonders with them. The closing track is prompt and precise, gives off the vibe of someone begging for love or begging their lover not to break their heart.

Download the album and have a perfect weekend with a flawless work of art.

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