Review: Ckay Dropped Debut Album “Sad Romance”

Ckay dropped his debut album “Sad Romance” hours ago, I’ve seen so many hot takes on how the album isn’t all that, as well as some nice comments about the album.

From his very popular songs, Love Nwatiti and Emiliana, it can be assumed that CKay is really into RnB, he doesn’t snooze on giving lover boy kind of vibes in his songs. 

Sad Romance, the album, let’s get into it!

Sad Romance is a 12-track album that is themed around Love and Romance.

CKay sounds like the typical CKay in all the tracks but it might seem as though most of the songs sound alike, perhaps, that’s part of what makes the album unique. 

The first track, YOU, sounds very relaxing and calm. Not bad at all for an intro track.

MMADU is an expression of love and affection.

LEAVE ME ALONE comes off as a sad romance song, the story of heartbreak leading to a one-sided love. 

YOU CHEATED, I CHEATED TOO – love the guitar effect on this one. The title of the song explains what the song entails already. Two crazy lovers, another one on sad romance.

COME CLOSE (FT AYRA STARR) is more like a one-sided love song too, the Ayra Starr effect added to the sweetness of this one.

WATAWI (ft Davido, Focalistic & Abidoza) has been here for a while now, it is a song we’ve all vibed too. Big Vibe, all of the artists sang their parts perfectly! 

SOJA is another refreshing song on the album list, although the lyrics is quite basic.

SAMSON AND DELILAH (ft Mayra Andrade) is a song about two wrong people in love who don’t care about the consequences of their actions, enjoying the moment and having fun! This is a beautiful piece.

BY NOW sounds alright, the lyrics should be rated PG18.

EMILIANA – once a Jam, always a Jam. 

LOSE YOU (FT Ronisia) has a bit of Spanish in it, making it sound very sweet and romantic.

The outro track, LOVE NWATITI, is a bonus track, you can describe this one as evergreen. 

It seems as though CKay’s target audience are TikTokers as most of these songs will fit perfectly for making TikTok videos. 

I won’t give the album a ten, but it is worth listening to. However, I can’t vouch for the replay value of the album.

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