Review: BlaqBonez Drops Fresh Single “Back In Uni”

It’s New Music Friday!!

TGIF isn’t so complete when there are no new songs to jam to… That’s why we will be checking out some newly released songs and how we can have the best of them.

Blaqbonez is here with his new single, “Back in Uni” ft JAE5. He’s apparently been talking about the song since the past weeks so some fans were expectant of the music already – you know Blaqbonez always knows how to go about his songs’ promotion, seems like his specialty. Speaking of his latest single, ‘Back in Uni’ is a song all City Boys ever needed. Talks about the silly adventures of a young boy and how he saw ‘playing with women’s hearts’ as a big deal since it’s all games for him. The song is quite relatable because at some point in time, we’ve been victims of this kind of love or we’ve also played games with people’s hearts.

Since everyone is going to eventually have a fair share of their “hoe phase”, let’s enjoy this new jam! Check out Back in Uni and comment what you think about the single.

Check out his fan’s comments on social media;

One other new song that we’re talking about is Joeboy’sLikkle Riddim’. A song for the ladies, might have made some emphasis on the cheating culture in our society today as everyone just want to have fun and not be committed. The song is alright and it gives the typical Joeboy, so check it out.

Here’s what people are saying about the songs:

What are your thoughts about these two fresh singles? Kindly share in the comments section!

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