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Mood swings refers to mood swings as a disorder associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.
This is not what we’re going deeply into today, it’s just an outer phase of our main discussion.
You know how your mood changes; times and moments when your emotions suddenly become your priority…do not get me wrong, that is not some manic depression happening to you; it is you being a normal human.

I shouldn’t underuse the term because there are people suffering from bipolar disorder and it’s definitely deeper than we all think, hence it will be unfair to use the word unprofessionally. It’s psychological, not just about some mere mood swings.
We should discuss mood swings and how to get out of them; but rather than calling our situation ‘bipolar’, I’ll say we coin a new word for it. Say, ‘multi-mood syndrome’ (you should create your own word that suits you better).

Multi-mood syndrome because it involves dealing with various moods at different times.
There are moments when you want to feel some way but you’re not capable because your ego is beginning to overshadow your emotions, you need a key to unleash this feeling while other times, you just want to kill these feelings.
No long talks, let’s get straight into this key, MUSIC.

Music releases as well as restrains feelings, moods and emotions.
For every mood, there’s a perfect song that is apt! Excited, lonely, fulfilled, bored, sad, depressed, anxious, spiritual, heartbroken, erotic, etcetera.
What are the kind of songs that go perfectly with these feelings? Let’s see three for now. Read on!

The feeling of excitement can be drawn from having a positive mindset towards one’s interests and enthusiasms, here are some songs that suits this kind of mood smoothly- ‘Jankara’ by Atela: this song is all fun and melody, you start to move your body subconsciously because of the indepth joy the song brings. It is a Yoruba song but who says you can’t enjoy a song of a different language, considering it’s good? Might give you some ‘tale by moonlight’ vibes, just enjoy the groove.

A lot of situations surrounds and form loneliness, it’s either you are enjoying it here or want to get out of it. Either ways, I’ll recommend a song for each judgement of feeling- to get out of it, you should listen to ‘Sinnerman‘ by Nina Simone. Jump around and pay close attention to the lyrics, you’ll feel a presence. But if you’re enjoying your lonesome moments, listen to ‘Staring at the Stars‘ by Passenger; he’ll take you on a journey with his soothing sound.

You feel fulfilled after bagging a fresh accomplishment, we all deserve to feel this way at different points in our lives, boost up your mood by playing ‘Best Day of my Life‘ by American Authors. American Authors never go wrong when it comes to inspirational songs with melodies, the lyrics of this song are inspirational, they’ll lift the soul.

Boredom sets in due to inactivity or overactivity, music is mostly your last resort in this situation. Unlike loneliness, boredom is not even enjoyable so it’s better to recommend a song that’ll get one over boredom- check out ‘Have Fun‘ by Bad Boy Timz. A sucker for perfect music might not really enjoy the song but it’ll definitely do its trick, you can easily groove to it and the lyrics are relatable for a typical Nigerian.
Songs are selected from different artists and genres because versatility in your choice of songs determines how much fun you’d have while listening to good music.
Music takes you from your actual mood to the divines. Few more moods will be considered into writings soonest.
Stick to the blog!

Author: Ta'ziyya

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