Niniola Drops New Music “Memories”

With the release of her afro-pop hit, “MEMORIES,” NINIOLA begins the new year. The “Queen of Afro-House,” Niniola, collaborates with producer Niphkeys on this song and sings about a love affair gone wrong. The song will strike your soul and change the mood in the room.

One of the most popular and well-liked female musicians from Africa is Niniola. Drake and Timbaland have praised her for songs like “Maradona” and “Boda Sodiq,” and none other than Beyoncé has looked to her for musical inspiration, using “Maradona” as the basis for “Find Your Way Back” from the Grammy-nominated The Lion King: The Gift album. making Niniola a nominee for a Grammy.

The heartbreaking song “MEMORIES” is graced with Nini’s strong vocals. Niphkeys created the song, which features Godwin Strings on violin. The Queen of Afro-house invites you to “Feel Free To Sing With Me,” so relax and join in!

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