Niniola Drops New Music “Memories”

With the release of her afro-pop hit, “MEMORIES,” NINIOLA begins the new year. The “Queen of Afro-House,” Niniola, collaborates with producer Niphkeys on this song and sings about a love affair gone wrong. The song will strike your soul and change the mood in the room.

One of the most popular and well-liked female musicians from Africa is Niniola. Drake and Timbaland have praised her for songs like “Maradona” and “Boda Sodiq,” and none other than BeyoncĂ© has looked to her for musical inspiration, using “Maradona” as the basis for “Find Your Way Back” from the Grammy-nominated The Lion King: The Gift album. making Niniola a nominee for a Grammy.

The heartbreaking song “MEMORIES” is graced with Nini’s strong vocals. Niphkeys created the song, which features Godwin Strings on violin. The Queen of Afro-house invites you to “Feel Free To Sing With Me,” so relax and join in!

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