Nicki Minaj signs Ghanaian artist Nana Fofie to her record label

Nicki Minaj revealed on Match 3 that she would be signing Dutch-Ghanaian artist Nana Fofie to her new record label. She made the announcement during her Queen Radio program. Nicki says she will be revealing the name of her record in the next episode of the show.

Nana is a 31-year-old songstress who is popular for her music mashups. She first gained recognition through her viral music mashups on YouTube. She blends afrobeat and R&B and creates unique and amazing sounds. She has gained more than 13 million views on YouTube from her different videos, including her renditions of Fire Boy’s “Peru”, Tekno’s “Pana,” and Runtown’s “Mad over you”. She has also released some original songs like “When I See You” “Bebe,” and “Selling Dreams”. Nana is also scheduled to release her EP, “EMDR,” this month.

Nana Fofie’s Catologue

Nana was excited about the news and went to her Twitter page to show her gratitude, attaching a clip of the announcement by Nicki.

Nicki Minaj also mentioned some other artists she would be adding to her record label. She would be signing Jamaica’s Skeng, Bronx rapper London Hill, and also Rico Danna.

On the show, Nicki highlighted how important it is to support upcoming artists and how Lil Wayne boosted her career and helped her grow in the industry. She mentioned that the reason people come into the industry and don’t stay long is because there is no structure and nobody believes in them, and she is here to change that. Nicki Minaj would be one of the first women to own her record label, and we can’t wait to see all the great things she achieves with it.

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