My Mum Pushed Me Into Singing- Eiko

Eiko is a seasoned singer, songwriter, and guitarist, known on Instagram for singing covers of her favorite Nigerian music with her guitar.

Born and raised in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She started singing in the church choir when she was 12 and she grew up listening to Asa, Beyonce, Rihanna, and other R&B artists. She loves R&B and Soul music and fuses both sounds into Afro-pop and this makes her unique.

We had a real conversation with the amazing superstar Eiko…..take your time to catch the gist below 😉

PMB: How did this music thing start?

Eiko: Errrrm music started as a lil house singing with my mom, to her pushing I and my siblings to sing what we rehearsed at home, in church. Then singing songs from Disney shows, to church choir, to backup for gospel artists to me finally deciding to make a career out of music.

PMB: What does the name “Eiko” means?

Eiko: Eiko means, Glory, Eiko is the Japanese translation of my birth name.

PMB: How has been the experience of transitioning from your former stage name “Glowin Ed” to the new “Eiko”?

Eiko: Omo. The experience has and Is still a handful. I’ve had people say what they felt about the name change, negative or positive. If I had a penny for every time I had to explain to someone why I changed my name, I’d be a millionaire by now. Lol

PMB: What’s your favorite food?

Eiko: I really Dont have a favorite food. But I love really fluffy red velvet cakes and vanilla ice cream with chocolate moulds in them, oh my! Thinking of it now… ouuuuuuu.

PMB: What’s your favorite color and why?

Eiko: I barely have favorites for anything, but I love black and blue.

PMB: What attracts you to people?

Eiko: Good Self composure, clean sense of humour, and creativity and work. I almost barely care about looks, but please smell nice and look good, I mean that’ll be the thing that’ll make me notice the rest of em stuff I mentioned.

PMB: As a Recording and Performing Artiste, how has the experience being so far?

Eiko: Ouuuuu. Stressful, fun, exciting, great and progressive. I thank God and my amazing friends.

PMB: What inspires your creativity for music?

Eiko: Other people’s amazing works, and the urge to do better.

PMB: Which of the foreign and local Artistes do you look forward to working with in your career?

Eiko: Tiwa savage, Amarae, Rema and Wanda coal.
Foreign: Beyonce, Julia Michaels, party next-door, and kygo

PMB: What have been your ups and down moments so far in your music career?

Eiko: Mehn. Having no resources like I need, not having my parents has been, having friends be there, support like no other from people that believe in me

PMB: Tell us how your latest track “Tonight” came about

Eiko: Lol. Waje called me(thanks to Godwin Tom), and I decided to jump on something I’d do anytime any day: Rnb. The song is also inspired by my previous love kini lol. Talk sha long, I’ll leave it here

PMB: What should your fans expect in the coming new year?

Eiko: Singles, I’m not really sure if I’m going drop my EP this year. But yea, also an amazing show for fans that love live music.

Listen to Eiko’s music on the “Moments” EP

Instagram & Twitter: @eikocansing

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