Music Videos: Nigerians Showers TG Omori With Accolades

The sense of sight is the most powerful sense organ among the five sense organs in the human body. Maybe hearing is also as sensitive but sight still beats it.

That is the reason a lot of people anticipate music videos even after hearing the music.

More than the music, a lot of work is channeled into the perfection of music production. Just as in any other creative sector, there are various niches in the music industry – The Songwriter, A&R, Producer, Video Director, to mention but a few.

Although it is only the artist (musician) that most people eventually commend for a job well done, these people do approximately, twice the job of the musician to get good music released for our entertainment.

That is the reason a lot of people anticipate music videos even after hearing and enjoying the music.

After the release of the audio, more effort is put into having a great video for public view.

A Great-in-the-Art videographer and Director is the popular TG Omori, also known as Boy Director. He is an exceptional cinematographer and he has shot videos for a lot of popular Afrobeat Artists.

The most recent he did was Asake’s PBUY video which was released last weekend and Kizz Daniel’s BUGA that was released just yesterday.

Both videos depict proper professionalism as they’ve made and are still making good rounds on the internet.

Twitter users have expressed how satisfactory TG Omori’s work is on both music videos, some tweets were gathered – check below:

It’s a good start to see that the society is beginning to appreciate the works of the people Behind The Scenes. They really deserve the recognition!

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