Music Technology advancement over the years has been a technology breakthrough with each
innovations coming together to make music production, music rendition, music composition, and music
performance more easier on the side of the composer and more accessible to the audience. The
presence of these technologies have given a whole new layer to music making and it’s important to note
that ‘Music Production’ is one fast growing aspect of the Music industry.
Music Tech is an important part of music itself and It’s fascinating how Technology has found its way
into Music and all aspects of Music as a whole. The availability of these technological instruments has
seen many upcoming artists and composers with basic set skills that enables them operates these
technological instruments which results in more brilliant performances, in helping them hear what their
composition or musical arrangements may eventually sound like upon production. Examples of these
instruments include Auto-tune, which is used to add a different array of tonal effects to our sound(s),
amongst others.
Others include;
DAW(Digital Audio Workstation), this innovation enables easy recording, editing, mixing on your
computer. One would need a sequencing program like Cubase, Logic or Pro Tools to enable a good
quality recording.
Notion is a computer software program that allows users to perform composition using a computer
keyboard/mouse, MIDI guitar, MIDI keyboard, MIDI file, MUSICXML file, or handwriting recognition.
Musical composition is saved as ‘MusicXML’ and can be opened within any notation programs.
Audio Interface is used to send music into the computer when recording and out the computer during
playback. The use of Sequencing(DAW) with the use of Audio interface changes an analogue sound into
Sequencing and Notion are equally important to each other in music creation, music production, music
preparation and musical recording of each songs. These software give composers an extremely creative
box of tools to work with.


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