Music Review: Ayraa Starr’s Popping Single, Sability

Ayra Starr grounds her declaration of her status as the new IT girl of the Nigerian music business on her self-empowerment song “Sability.” In the song, which details her journey and her path to success, she is letting everyone who hears it know that it is her chance to shine and exercise her authority.

The concept of “Sability,” a euphemism for “someone who knows,” serves as the foundation for the song. The lyrics of the song lend credence to this notion because Ayra Starr lets us know that she is aware of her status as the upcoming superstar of the Nigerian music scene. Throughout the song, Ayra Starr also expresses her irritation at the constant media attention she is subjected to. Because she is aware that people are continuously monitoring, she uses the song to tell them that they should accept this fact and move on rather than attempting to predict when she will fail.

Ayra Starr exhibits that she is on the path to success and that she is prepared to keep going despite what other people think of her. Ayra Starr’s talent as an artist is demonstrated in “Sability.” The song has a captivating melody and strong lyrics. Every emotion she feels while pursuing her dreams and goals is captured in the song.

Sability is relatable because Ayra Starr utilized it to share her experiences. She openly acknowledges that being in a location with such negative energy allowed her to more clearly understand her life’s mission. She may now live her life without being constrained by what others may believe about her sexual orientation or sense of style.

Ayra Starr’s song “Sability” serves as a powerful prompt to believe in our own strengths, accomplishments, and potential. Furthermore, we shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for ourselves and seize control of the industries we want to rule.

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