June 27, 2019| Porchmusicbox

How does it do it?… Like magic, kinda sorcery, it drives away pains, heals the heart, edifies the spirit, brings back to life, intoxicates the soul, communes with life itself, gives love a meaning and makes everything beautiful and renewed…  It’s spelt M-U-S-I-C. 

Everyone is caught  in it’s Web already irrespective of who they are, white or black, educated or illiterate, exposed or naive, rich or poor, its  got the same hold on all. It’s so amazing how people explore it’s potentials at every second of every minute of everyday yet live in oblivion of its powers… It’s  spelt M-U-S-I-C

There is a God somewhere and to get to him, music is a channel. 

You want to communicate to a large stream of audience without stress, Music is a channel

To spur a rich man (politician) into parting with his money for the benefit of the society, Music is a channel 

In times of frustration and depression and you think suicide is the only option… To snap out of this realm, Music is a channel 

Thinking of uniting people together in love in difficult times, Music is a channel… 


In this part of the world where there’s a big class gap between the poor and the rich while the middle class is totally eliminated, the people take solace in music… We convey our worries and concerns and dissatisfaction through music, we put the government of the day on check through music… Here, Music is a weapon of evangelism, a rod of correction, a message of hope and a hub of entertainment… It’s  got us covered!

We can’t wait any longer, the celebration is here with us already. This time it’s gonna be on a different realm… We are taking over the streets in this month of music, everyone get involved… If I were to be the government of the day I will declare public holiday in this regard. We are too serious in this country and that is why wrinkles are common here… It’s  an opportunity to unwind and celebrate our very own Kind of music.

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