MUSIC: A True Professionalism Or One Of Life’s Side Gigs?

November 15, 2018| Porchmusicbox

There’s only a fine line before a sound is regarded as unpleasant or disruptive to hearing. To remain in the confines of ordered tones, there is a need for those who have gained its mastery. For these people, Music is their life and their craft – they are called Music professionals. If it is said to ‘take a village to raise a child’, I dare say it’s up to a ‘village’ of music profs to make sound sound good.

Each master of the craft sees to various aspects; from the musicians to the songwriter, to the singer and backup singers, to the voice coach, to the music editor, to mix engineer, to record producer. Everyone playing a role to create a beautiful piece, dedicating hours of rigorous work to its perfection. To these ones alone, the term ‘rehearsal’ is a friend for a lifetime .

The world seems to laugh at those who call themselves music professionals and urge them to get a real job…to get serious. The irony is this same people turn to music in their times of pain or celebration, some of them can list a score of songs that have left everlasting impact on them. Should then, this tool… this weapon…be left in the hands of the unskilled and the world miss out on the bliss of music well crafted?

Author- Temitayo Sholuade

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