Omoboriola Michael Olawoyin is a talented Keyboardist and Music Producer, who is currently based in the city of lagos, Nigeria. He studied Music Business and Copyright Law Online at CISAC UNIVERSITY STANDFORD. He has performed with both local and foreign notable Artistes like Yinka Davies, Phyno,BigBolaji, Seun Olota, Dede Madukwe, Burna boy, Faraji (USA), Diana Bada, Lagos International Jazz Festival, MASA (Cote d’ivorie) ACESS (Kenya) Felabration etc. We had a chat with him during the week and here’s how the conversation went;

PMB – How did you start music?

Boriolamic: It all started in a church when my pastor then picked an interest in me and his son but the man that actually taught me how to play the keyboard is by the name “Deji” popularly called “Cash” he was a teacher in my secondary when I was in about J.S.S 2 back then but he left after 3 months when he gained admission into the university. I could remember how I felt on top of the world when i played my first solo song which was the National Anthem.

PMB – How has the journey as a keyboardist/producer being, any regrets?

Boriolamic: It’s been a rollercoaster, I’ve been playing for over a decade now and it has been a journey of DIY (Do.It.Yourself) after I left secondary school, I learnt and still learn from people and also from the internet because I always want to get better with my skills. I know I have an inherent ability to interpret music or fuse sounds together but I didn’t have the technical-know-how so a very good friend of mine by the name “Shola Johnson”, (Producer/Arranger) encouraged me to go into music production when he saw some of works that I posted on social media and also taught me how to use “logic Pro” and I even made my first beat that same day ( I still have it in my library)….lol. I’ve also taken it further to learn how to use other DAW on my own with the help another good friend of mine by the name “Titoneye (Creative Director of Mo’Music) who installed many DAWs and Plugins for free for me, these are things that could have costed me alot of money and I’m grateful for that. In a nutshell, I can say there are no regrets for me regardless of the challenges in the country. As a producer, I can say I’m fulfilling purpose because now I can interpret my inner thoughts and imaginations and turn them into my intellectual property (IP).

PMB – What have been your best moments in your career so far?

Boriolamic: My best moments are when I see or hear my work, it gives me joy. It’s part of my dream to put a touch of my uniqueness in every sound I can come across from different countries around the world and it’s already becoming a reality. I could remember a day I was listening to a music and I had forgotten I was the one who made the music, I was like “Mehn, this music is so clean” the person playing it had to remind me…lol.

PMB – What inspires you as a musician?

Boriolamic: God, Love and my philosophy about life affects the way I interpret my music and also the varieties of music I listen to, it has helped me not to sound like every regular keyboardist or producer out there.

PMB – What facinates you about life?

Boriolamic: The fact life is a mystery, you can’t just predict it because it’s full of surprises. As we live to die,we die to live, We meet to part and we also part to meet and nobody actually knows a 100% how their lives will look like though we might have an idea on how we want our lives to look or be like and everybody wants to live a great life as well. That in itself is a pointer that there’s an invisible personality called God who directs and shapes our lives and like the Bible says in Psalms 14:1 “A fool says in his heart that there’s no God”. All these has made me to view life as a simple entity.

PMB – Your outfits are always spot on, what inspires your sense of fashion style?

Boriolamic: Lol, Mehn…..I just love to look good, it’s been a part of me from my childhood days. I love to combine colors even without a stylist, I picture it in mind first then it always comes out good when I try it on. I get inspired by a few personalities like Steve Harvey, I love the way he combines colors and always looking sharp. By the way I’m venturing into modeling even though in Nigeria it’s always about “man know man” but it’s already in progress if you check my Instagram page, you will also see the fashion side of me. I’m open to any brand company who might like to engage me.

PMB – Who are your influences both in the music industry or in life in general?

Boriolamic: I love good music and above all I love excellence which it’s quite rare to find a combination of both in this present day music industry. Locally, the people that influence me in the music industry are; Wilson Joel (Music Magnate), this man has been a tremendous blessing to me. I remember going to meet him and he gave me access to him, he poured himself into me and also gave me gifts, that’s very rare opportunity I do not take for granted. Most of the things he spoke to me about life and music has been a guiding light in my decision making over time. Wole Oni, I get inspired by the way he creates and interpret music, it’s so exceptional. Internationally, I can mention names like Aaron Lindsey (Multiple Grammy Award-winning Keyboardist/Producer), Trent Philips (keyboardist), Robert Glasper (Pianist), Cory Henry (Pianist/Producer). I’m calling these people not because of their genre of music but because they do music the way it should be done, I follow them back to back. Sometimes when I want to create music, I try to travel into their minds and picture how they would they will have interpreted the music.

The people that have positively influenced me about life is my late Mum (may her gentle rest in perfect peace), this trained me to becoming the man that I am today with her corrections and chatisment to becoming a better person. Also my late Dad (may his soul rest in perfect peace) “baba na jayejaye”….lol. He groomed me into understanding how a real man should be, I remember whenever I’m playing with his car keys he will tell me to face my studies and work hard so I can hold my own car keys in the future. I’ve also allowed the experiences of life to sharpen me positively.

PMB – What would be your advice for young keyboardists and producers coming up in the industry?

Boriolamic: Well….lol, I’m also still an upcoming Keyboardist/Producer because I’ve not gotten to the peak of my career yet but my advice to music creatives generally is; Define who you want to be outside the music, live a balance and simple life, Keep your creativity simple because there’s complexity in simplicity, Be a good person always because sometimes this is what sells you to people first before they get to know what you do. Let’s keep up with the work because African music is taking over so let’s collaborate the more and keep making money.

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