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Boy Spyce EP

Following his activation into the Mavin Records Label, the talented Boy Spyce didn’t delay further in releasing his 5-track EP.
For quite a moment, he has been known on social media platforms especially on Twitter for his amazing freestyles and covers- as Don Jazzy mentioned that he had been paying close attention to the young talent since 2019.
From watching his freestyles, I can deduce that Boy Spyce would be another asset in the Nigerian music industry, his resilience had brought him thus far but let’s check further into his EP:
First, it a list of emotional or romantic songs that consists of five tracks- Nobody, Dreams, Destiny, Wayo and Bad things respectively.
‘Nobody’ is a simple love song, made for a crush and brushed up with some melodious beats.
‘Dreams’ is a love story about two lovers with different ambitions and life goals who had to go separate ways because of their life differences. The male counterpart further laments on the loss of connection due to the female’s lackadaisicalness towards the boy’s efforts to stay in touch. It seems like a one-sided love story, very emotional and relatable.
‘Destiny’ on the other hand is an inspirational song. The musician emphasizes on the pursuits of a determined hustler, explaining that one’s destiny can only be realized with hard work and not by waiting for magic to happen.
In ‘Wayo’, an egoistic man is professing his love by expressing the measure of his wealth and achievement. Hence, advising the lady not to play games with him. This is also a melodious sound.
Finally, just as the title implies, ‘Bad things’ is a sensual song emphasizing a lot of sexual escapades and fantasies.
The songs are not bad at all, coming from someone new in the industry. Although people are quick to compare with other artistes that have been in the industry for a while, it doesn’t change the fact that Boy Spyce is talented and he’ll eventually grow.
I asked a number of people about their take on the songs from the Boy Spyce EP and below are few responses:

First guy said he’s not spectacular but he can sing. According to him “…me I just feel like he’s ‘there’, common he is not spectacular, he’s not. It’s an EP I listened to only once and I didn’t have an urge to ever listen to it since that first time, so he didn’t burst my brain but he can sing”.

Another person said he isn’t so great vocally but he is good.
About the EP, someone said, “It’s nice but not anything ground breaking; but it’s nice”.
Going further, he said in verbatim, “I can’t see much he has to offer than anyone else that’s good in the industry can’t offer”.

Criticisms assists in one’s growth, hopefully Boy Spyce finds what works for him perfectly in the music industry and grow beyond all the factors aforementioned.
We are all rooting for him.

What are your thoughts, kindly share in the comment section!

Author: Ta’ziyya

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