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Nigerians have always had a thing or two to argue about the meaning of some lyrical content in mainstream Nigerian music. What would we possibly say makes up good composition of music? Poetry. We only have one style of music in the mainstream Nigerian music scene and it’s called.
Search for the best Nigerian songs that have rocked 2019 so far, come back and comment on what the lyrics really mean. If you can do that, you need to agree with the fact that we are not creative with our lyrics.
However, not all Nigerian songs have very bad lyrical content. We have seen some contemporary musicians in Nigeria, who have been able to carve a niche for themselves and save the rest from utmost disgrace and bad names.
We have the likes of Bez, Timi Dakolo, MI, SDC, Tuface and some others. They are the ones that really give us a feel of poetry…The next generation deserves better than ‘am i a yahoo boy”
Nigerian musicians believe that once they enter the studio, they get down with a bottle of St. Remys, smoke a stick of w**d and puff a little bit of smoke into the air – automatically, the gods have accepted their proposal to make a freestyle session possible. We are tired of Wizkid singing “YEYEYEYEYEYEYE” or Small Doctor telling us “Ain ain ain ain ain ain”. For what reason? Why?
Let’s just wake up to the sound of good music and make our day very good! It doesn’t kill us to make good music. Rather,it awakes our sense of poetry and reasoning. The Music scene in Nigeria still has a long way to go in realizing a good lyrical content. Falz once said in an interview However, a few musicians still pay attention to lyrical content. I personally pay a lot of attention to that.
In one interview with Falz he said“ Music shouldn’t be about the beats alone. Good music is a good blend of everything – good beat, good message and nice melody,”.
This was supported by some veteran musicians who raised concern over the lack of good contents in the songs by contemporary musicians.
According to them musicians should be creative and focus on issues of socio-economic importance.
It is also important that Nigerian pop musicians understand the level of participation going on in the music industry. Many Nigerian pop musicians can be said to have some kind of cult followership among fans and music lovers. This interest can be put to good use by making and passing the right messages through their music. It could come in the form of endorsements, or public awareness campaigns. A typical example is when the critically acclaimed pop musician, Innocent Idibia (Tu Baba) was used by a group of non-profit organisations to promote the ‘Vote Not Fight’ campaign during the run-up to the Nigerian 2019 general elections.
One can easily conclude that the campaign was generally successful owing to the very minimal level of violence experienced in the 2019 general elections.
There is plenty room for growth in the Nigerian music industry. A lot of talent is still undiscovered and some have gone on to become wasted. The government can also give grants to upcoming pop musicians in a bid to commission them towards producing music that will promote the moral values of the country. This will in turn reduce the negative influence of the content of some Nigerian contemporary pop music that reveals a lot of vulgarity and its consequent effect on moral decadence especially on the youths.

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