This article shows Yahoo-Boys and some musicians may be reciprocally constructing the destiny of one another. An Example is what is going on in the Music industry about Naira marley and the Efcc currently. It is not only the first study to assess the ethics of Yahoo-Boys as expressed by music artists in a Nigerian context in particular, but it also the first study to explore how cyber-fraud, in general, is depicted in Nigerian popular music. Additionally, it has explored the presence of the mechanisms of moral disengagement and neutralization techniques in yahoo-yahoo. This article have not only helped to shed light on motives for cyber-fraud, but they have helped to conclude that Yahoo-Boys embody a range of the most powerful set of psychological mechanisms for disengaging moral control and Nigerian Music industry.Furthermore, the presence of the conceptual frameworks in music lyrics illustrates the relevance of these theories in modern times, and this is revealing. Hip-hop lyrics, because music not only may appeal more to a wide spectrum of people but also musicians are more impactful and meaningful in the lives of youths than children Additionally, the oratory messages of hip-hop singers may attract more followers than questioners, especially young people. The lyrical words of musicians are often believed, respected, and repeated Repeating discourses normalize their claims. Hip-hop songs that legitimize
yahoo-yahoo by implication could make it attractive to more people than otherwise. The adherents of music, in general, may not merely consume songs, but they may also co- produce the meaning they embody and thus, normalize the lyrical messages with all its entireties. Arguably, while music has the power to influence our beliefs and practices online/offline, music contributes to making us who we are due to its artistic and emotional embodiment. In exploring youth cultures, deviance, language, and communications, it has brought together topics of criminology, cultural sociology, social psychology.

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