Ice Cream And Chill – Fun Facts About Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Have you ever come across someone who doesn’t love ice cream? Capital NO… I guess!!!

Yes! I love ice cream as much as you do too so I understand how you feel if your mouth starts to water at the mention of it. However, you can be big on ice cream and not know some amazing facts about it. I’ve listed some interesting facts about ice cream that you might want to impress your friends and family with ;

  • It will take about 12 pounds of milk to produce 1 gallon of ice cream.
  • The average number of 50 licks to finish a scoop of ice cream.
  • USA is the country that consumes the most ice cream followed by Australia then Norway.
  • Vanilla is the most popular flavor then followed by chocolate.
  • Chocolate flavor ice cream was invented before vanilla flavor ice cream.
  • People bond faster while having ice cream together.

Now that you’ve learnt some fun facts about ice cream, the New Wave Company is organizing an Ice Cream And Chill hangout event. This event is targeted at creating an ice cream community and also bring back those childhood nostalgia where people can meet new people and network despite their daily hustle and bustle. It’s going to be fun time with games, painting and lots more, you certainly shouldn’t miss out on.

You want to get yourself and your loved ones a ticket?

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  1. And if you’re someone who doesn’t like or can’t eat ice cream, come for the fun activities and great company! Samo Agbero and Wosi were invited, so you might even make it into @Vader_Wildcard’s next diary entry.

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