How To Promote Your Music As An Upcoming Artiste

Breaking into the music industry can be confusing, especially when you have to work on developing your art and also work as a self-promoter.

Your talent isn’t always enough; the amount of attention you can get to your art counts a lot.

The industry could also be intimidating with so much noise and different talents everywhere. But with the right strategy, you could get attention and start making waves in no time.

If you are trying to promote your music, here are five essential tips to keep in mind:

 Distribute Your Music On Streaming Platforms

The first step before beginning your song promotion using other methods is to have a central streaming platform or multiple streaming platforms to post your body of work. You could have an account on Spotify, Audiomack, or even YouTube.

This is important because you would need a platform where your music can easily be accessed whenever it is heard from an external source. You could also grow your income from this when your publicity measures start paying off.

Perform At Events

Getting yourself out there is literally the leading idea for promoting your songs. To begin, the size of the event should not be an issue; the important thing is to attract an audience.You could also create important networks through this exercise that may lead you to the audience you need. For example, Olamide noticed multi-award winner Fireboy after hearing him perform for a Cool FM Aux session and signed him to a recording deal with YBNL .

You are not limited to just performing at events, however; you could also make friends with DJs and have them play your songs for a little while at events or clubs. This could give you a huge start at getting out there. performing at every social event you have

Build A Huge Social Media Presence Social media plays a huge role in creating awareness for different brands, and it also does the same for your music career. Social media is currently the leading avenue for publicity. A lot of artists have gotten recognition through social media. For example, Ayra Star got an Instagram DM from Don Jazzy after she consistently made songs and posted them on her Instagram page and the same as Boyspyce. Blaq Bonez has also used Twitter and Instagram to a great extent to promote his art, both his singles and albums, and has made a lot of headlines from it.

Remix Popular Songs

Getting recognized and riding on the buzz around a bigger artists should definitely be at the top of your list for your publicity goals. Remixing their songs in a creative way is a great way to achieve this goal.

In 2018, Rema remixed a song by D’Prince, and D’Prince was so impressed that he flew Rema to Lagos and gave Rema a recording deal. This is just one of the stories. Another thing is that you could also just get a repost by an A-list artist, which could change your music story really fast.

Start Trends

Creating a new dance step or a funny video with your song could be a good way to start a trend. Tiktok is also a great platform to make this trend as it is great for short videos and currently has over 1.53 billion users. You could have your friends or family create short videos with your song and post them on the platform and other platforms; this would increase the chances of your song going viral. 


With the growth of the digital era, there are a lot of ways to promote your music. Most of them are inexpensive. Being consistent and working with trends, however, would produce better results using these measures. With the variety of talents and changes in the music scene, the last thing you want to do is fall behind on trends.

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Author: Daberechi Anachunam


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