Being an Artist is not just a wish but a lot of work dedication and consistency. Art is very wide that only you can decide what you want out of it. You need to know your Artistic Abilities and how to know which of the art you do or want to do. I will be talking about 5 ways to develop your Artist capacity.

1. Know that Art is Innovation: pay attention to the things around you that brings out the creativity in you, look deep down, use people and non-living things to get inspiration. Know what makes you creative, be in an environment that helps your creativity, be calm, be ready to do new things, with this you’ll be able to help yourself become a better artist in whatever you do and you will always standout.

2. Know the kind of Art that exist: A lot of things are said or discovered to be Art, it’s left to you to choose which of it you will be interested in and will help you career wise, but you cannot decide on which of the Art to do if you do not know how many Art exist and to be able to choose which of it you are interested in. Trying several artistics is not a bad idea until you get the one you are really good at or the one that interests you.
3. Know where you belong: knowing where you belong goes along way for you, after you have been able to know which path you want to follow as an Artist, either being a musician, or whichever one you will like to do, it is important that you know your niche, where you belong, who, to relate with, the network of people you should start to relate with and talk to, occasions to go, activities to participate in and lots more. All the aforementioned will keep you in check and help you navigate through the direction you have chosen to follow.

4. Do a Research on other artist in your niche: for you to know those that are in your niche, you need to do a research, on people that have been doing what you intend to do and how you can learn from them, you don’t have to meet them in person before you can learn from them, Google is one of the best search engine that you can find good information if you know how to use it, find this people, connect with them follow them on all social media platforms, read about them know what they are doing, if you have an opportunity to meet them don’t just snap with them, book an appointment with them, tell them you will like to learn from them and the likes, be creative with your conversation, make it light and simple not too much, you could also send them a mail, to reach them on time stating the reason why you will like to see them.

5. Create something: After you have discovered your niche, have a network of people connected to you in one way or the other, you need to create something that will keep your audience interested in you first and then what you do, a lot of people make mistakes of putting what they do first before who they are, but I tell you sell yourself first before your product makes people naturally like you, when people buys into your person whatever you post they will like, repost without even thinking twice about it, when creating make sure you think long term, do not just do something for the moment but do something that will outlive you. We have several celebrities like that , for example Fela Anikulapo Kuti, he is a musician and till now people still refer to his songs and sing it not because just because of the content in his music bit because he is a brand on his own just as his music. You need to discover, unleash and explore your uniqueness in other to attain your highest artistic capacity as an artist.

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