The 65th Annual Award Ceremony of the Grammy awards held in Arena, Los Angeles saw a lot of history made; while many got a “thanks for coming” as their award, a select few had their names encrusted on the sands of time as they emerged winners of the Most Prestigious Awards in the Music Industry in their respective categories and genres of Music.

Present in this Year’s Grammys were the “new guys”  who just got their first nomination in their respective categories for the prestigious award and the “old timers” who have many times graced the stage of the Grammys as winners and as  nominees.

One of which is Marverick City’s own Naomi Raine, the American based, talented  gospel songstress got a number of nominations in this Year’s Grammy bagging a “Big Four” with the US based music group , Maverick City in this Year’s Grammys ceremony also tying with Beyonce for most Awards.

One of the greatest feats for one In the Music Industry is getting to receive consistent nominations and awards from a sensational recording academy like “The Grammys”; this shows your relevance in the Music Industry regardless of genre. This being true, it won’t be wrong to say the Maverick City’s Naomi Raine has stayed relevant in the Music industry seeing her wide increasing margin of awards and nominations.

Naomi received her first ever Grammy award nomination in 2022 at the 64th Annual awards ceremony and we stand in February 2023 at the 65th Award ceremony and the gifted vocalist already has 9 Grammy nominations to her name.

Her relevance is the Music industry as a whole is rising exponentially and we cannot but hope to see Naomi bless us with more songs and add more accolades to the Kingdom of God via her exceptional music ministry individually and as a member of Maverick City.

Congratulations Naomi!

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