Full Gist: I Gave Wizkid My Blessings Regardless Says Banky W


The music industry is one of the most prominent sectors in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.
Being a veteran in the showbiz succumbs one with some sense and level of responsibility, this lifestyle comes with its own ups and downs. Sometimes, it is a scandal; Other times, it’s a rumor – be it negative or positive.

In recent times, the negativities have outweigh the positive energy especially in the music industry. Situations like this really can’t be undone with.
A number of talented artists have risen to stardom but became irrelevant later on; some, due to poor management, lackadaisical attitude of the recording artiste or record label issues. While some artistes breakout into the mainstream and were able to keep up with their fame.
An example of the latter is Wizkid now fondly called Big Wiz.
Wizkid was signed into Banky W’s Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E) record label in 2009 but broke out to the limelight in 2010 after releasing “Holla at your boy” as the Superstar Album lead single. Ever since, Wizkid has been making hits back to back. In fact, as it stands, we can say he is at the peak of his career.

However, a video was released on Bounce’ YouTube on the 21st of April. Banky W, WizKid’s former boss had granted Bounce an Easter special interview on the #BLACKBOXINTERVIEW show with Ebuka as the host. During the interview, questions were asked as regards the exit of Wizkid from the E.M.E record label and the current state of relationship between Banky W and Wizkid as Banky had a couple of information to disclose.

While Ebuka asked about the issues that surrounded the record label saga, the condition at which Wizkid left the record label in 2014. Banky replied thus “…at the time, I think he had started to dream bigger and just kind of wanted to be in control of his own ship and his destiny; there was a lot of chatter and stuff going around…I called him one day and told him ‘let’s talk’… I said I’m hearing of many things and you and I have always had the kind of relationship where we just talk about things, so tell me what you want…”.

During his conversation, he said that he mentioned to Wizkid that he wasn’t going to prevent or stop him if his decision was to leave the label although it was right at the course where Wizkid was about to go internationally. He added, “I could tell that he wanted to go that road alone; so I called him over and just had a one-on-one conversation, he feels like he wants to set up his own outfit, he feels like E.M.E was great for him and he’s grateful for it but he wants to go to the next level doing it his own way…”
Banky mentioned that he gave Wizkid his blessings regardless and it was pretty easy once they had the conversation even though their initial agreement was a five-album deal and he had only done two.
He said, “…it was a five-album deal in the beginning and he had done two, the solo albums…I think he still owed three more albums but he wanted to leave and for me, that was enough because I don’t want anybody to stay where they don’t want to be…”.Ebuka further asked if he ever talked Wizkid out of leaving but Banky said he didn’t because he could tell that Wizkid was mentally ready to do other things and he couldn’t be happier about it.

A question arose about WizKid’s absence at Banky’s wedding and how Banky W felt about it, he said “I was disappointed he wasn’t there but I think he tried…he called at the time and said he was so sorry; he really wanted to be there but it is what it is- it’s fine”.
On the contrary, a lot of reactions have been all over the internet concerning the points Banky W made about Wizkid at his recent interview.

One of the reactions that stood out was Samklef’s as the well known music producer took to his Instagram live to talk about more reasons Wizkid left Banky W’s record label. According to him, Wizkid left with anger because Banky W started feeling bossy and wanted to start controlling him.
Commenting on the ‘absence at wedding’ issue, WizKid retweeted the video and captioned it ‘LOL’ which caused more social media users to be triggered emotionally.

Done with the chaos and sticking to Banky W’s words – he emphasized, “…we are incredibly happy for his success and we’re incredibly grateful to have played a small part in his foundation; and till today, we still do business…so we still have a great relationship.”

Author: Ta'ziyya

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