E-commerce: Free Digital Store Now Available For Online Vendors

Over the years, the world has evolved into a digital terrene: more than anything else, times have changed.

As a Gen Z, I’m big on positive energy and doing away with anything that involves self-inflicted stress (Life is already hard to impose unnecessary stress/pressure upon oneself). Imagine having to work for money and still stress yourself while spending that money… That’s sheer injustice to yourself.

Technology has helped create several platforms where things can be done and stress can be eased.

In the quest of getting things done digitally, we were provided with e-commerce.

What is E-commerce?

In full terms, e-commerce means electronic commerce, and it is simply a practice of buying and selling over an electronic network, the internet. In this case, transactions can be done through digital devices like your phone, tablets and laptops , right from your comfort zones.

E-commerce doesn’t only contribute to the growth of online businesses, it helps your business as a vendor to reach a larger audience: and for the consumers, it cuts out the pressure of having to do physical purchase.

Since COVID-19, there has been a substantial increase in the number of people that shop online; COVID-19 put a lot of us on the spot and people decided to take a positive advantage of the turn of event, hence, participating in e-commerce and consequently, realizing that it’s a more comfortable way to practice business. 

As a quota to subsidizing the stress of business owners and consumers, Porch Music Box introduces you to a platform where you can own your personal store, display your products to a larger audience, take orders from potential customers, have interactions with consumers and practice your business or shopping at ease. A platform where vendors can set their price, terms & condition, generate more sales from an audience to their businesses beyond the walls of ‘WhatsApp Business’ and consumers can trust to always come through.

Check out the platform for the process on how to get your business on the digital space and kickstart your career as an online vendor. 

On our e-commerce platform, we have placement for different categories of products like Merchandise, Musical instruments, Studio equipments, Audio equipments, Wears & Accessories etc

Do you have any of these products you will like to sell, kindly click the button below to get started;

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