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Dj Woske, for about a decade, has entertained Africans online with multilateral creativity and musicality that can hardly be found in todays entertainment arena. From internet skits to podcasts to dj mixes to animations to special effects and most especially acapella arrangements, he tackles each entertainment genre and applies his own twist and ideas to each. 

As a music producer he has worked (for about ten years) almost exclusively on the Alté side of things with record collaborations with Falz, Ajebutter22 and Boj, Odunsi the Engine, Lady Donli, Boogey, Kel and Bayomi. 

As a global Afrobeats DJ 14 years and counting, Woske’s Ringtones are widely popular and his Maskoff Fuji Remix in 2017 took Africans the world over by storm. 

DJ Woske has now re-emerged with his new and improved acapella format, termed “Afropella” which couples unique vocal acapella mashup arrangements with visually stimulating looping videos that entertain and baffle simultaneously. 

His upcoming Visual EP titled “#Afropella” will be just that. 6 acapella Afrobeats songs with minimal live instrumentation and singing Videos that captivate and entertain simultaneously. 

The first single off the EP is titled “Jeka lo” (Let’s go) and its Yoruba and English wordplay about flirting at the club will soothe and entertain lovers of all genres of harmonic music. DJs and Producers will have a blast with all possibilities of remixes on this one. 

The genre Afropella dwells on the parts of Afrobeats music and how versatile musicians can make music at home with their one God given instrument, their body. 

Click and listen. The Jeka Lo video on YouTube is simple yet amazingly excellently executed to show the artist’s relationship with his creation 

Check out the lyrics video of Jeka Lo

Stream Jeka Lo on Spotify –

Here are samples of his past works

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