Musicians, pls gather here.

1.The one that wee be scoring song and still be taking selfie upandan

2. The one that will be thinking of how to do ropopo on some syncopations in the song.

3. The one that always want to try what Calvin Rodgers did by force

Oga Ade no go dey do pass yoursef…

4.The one that want to seI’ll market and not minding what chord progression in the song is

5. The one that wee be scoring song and still be thinking of the Amaka that disappointed him

6. The one that whichever way,they already enough techniques to take care of the song

deir fada…

7. Wetin concern me with scoring of songs, Abeg make we shed o jere

Who scoring eepp

8. The one that wee just be scoring song when he gets to the gate of the church on rehearsal day

The Music director already looking at where thunder will fire on your body

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