Costa Titch, A South-African Artist Passed Away

The news that South African artist Costa Titch apparently passes away on stage shocked and surprised everyone, at the early hours of 12 march 2023.

A huge following of fans had been waiting impatiently for the first album of the emerging artist who had been making waves in the rap world.

With his distinctive style and flow, Coast Titch had been carving out a name for himself in the South African music industry and developing a devoted fan base.

The artist had lately appeared on MTV and worked with some of the greatest rap figures.

Tragically, he won’t be able to witness the release of his debut record, which was supposed to happen later this year.

The rapper was also a prominent member of the hip-hop industry who frequently used his platform to raise social issues.

He had been a fervent supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness.

Several admirers have used social media to express their sorrow and send their condolences in the wake of Coast Titch’s demise.

Hip-hop artists paid tribute to the young star as well, with many of them sharing personal anecdotes about how he had influenced their lives.

The hip-hop industry is in grief as a result of the tragedy that was Coast Titch’s passing.

We will dearly miss his distinctive style, fierce activism, and potent songs.

His fans will keep listening to his songs and remembering lovingly about him, thus his memory will live on in their hearts.

Author: Paschal Chidubem

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