Controversy As Headies Awards Releases Nomination List

Headies Awards

Popular for generating so many controversies, here they are at it again.

The Headies Awards had released the 15th Headies Nominees list earlier this week with a total of 35 nomination categories and various talented artists under each category.

The list has raised a lot of controversial takes because of the nature of the award show; while some artists had their names come up multiple times on the nominees’ list, some names that people expected to be there didn’t pop up at all.

Since the Headies is the biggest and most prestigious African Music Award in the world, artists from other parts of Africa were advantaged to appear in some of the categories.

Different people that have their faves on the list took to Twitter to express their satisfaction with the list while some others showed how displeased they were with the list considering that their faves didn’t make it to the list despite the hard work they’ve put into their musical careers and how far their songs have gone.

For instance, Ckay didn’t make it into any category from the list despite how far “Love Nwatiti” and “Emiliana” went statistically. More than just an international artist, his music is recognized globally and everyone thinks he deserves proper recognition from the Headies. Against all odds, Ckay reacted on his timeline with “My Album will Make History”.

Another situation that raised controversy was the fact that Kizz Daniel only bagged one nomination despite his consistency and the work put into his most recent album while portable who had just started his music career bagged 2 categories. Other prominent artists that were expected to be seen in the nominees’ list but didn’t appear in it at all were Victony, Superboy Cheque, and Laycon.

Unfortunately, people think these artists are being sidelined by the Headies and favoritism has taken over the originality of the award show.

See below people’s reactions on social media;

Congrats to those that made it into the list and a big shout out to those that didn’t make the list. Their work is seen and appreciated!

Do you think the nomination list was fair?

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section!

Author: Ta'ziyya

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