Controversial Music Video by Davido Sparks Outrage and Defense Among Netizens

Controversial music video by davido

Davido’s controversial music video featuring his signee, Logos Olori, has sparked a mix of reactions among netizens. The short clip shared on Instagram by Davido has triggered outrage from some Muslim devotees, who find certain scenes offensive and disrespectful to their religion.

The contentious part of the video shows men dressed as praying mallams dancing in front of a mosque, instead of engaging in prayer. This portrayal has been condemned by some Muslims, who feel it ridicules their faith.

Ahmad Ganga, a Personal Assistant in the Federal House of Representatives, expressed his displeasure, stating that the video implies Muslims behave inappropriately in mosques, which he finds offensive.

On social media, numerous tweets criticized Davido and called for legal action against him. Some users even went as far as unfollowing and deleting his songs, while demanding an apology and threatening lawsuits.

However, others came to Davido’s defense, pointing out that similar videos have been shot in Muslim-majority countries without any issues. They argued that the scene in question was shot outside the mosque, not inside the sacred prayer area.

Amidst the controversy, Davido has yet to address the matter directly. Fans and supporters have stepped in to defend him, arguing that focusing on canceling a music video is a misplaced priority compared to more significant societal issues.

In summary, the release of Davido’s music video has ignited a heated debate, with some finding it disrespectful to Islam, while others believe the criticism is unwarranted and misplaced.

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