June 10, 2019 |

Music Technology advancement over the years has been a technology breakthrough with each innovations coming together to make music production, music rendition, music composition, and music performance more easier on the side of the composer and more accessible to the audience. The presence of these technologies have given a whole new layer to music making and it’s important to note that ‘Music Production’ is one fast growing aspect of the Music industry. Music Tech is an important part of music itself and It’s fascinating how Technology has found its way into Music and all aspects of Music as a whole. The availability of these technological instruments has seen many upcoming artists and composers with basic set skills that enables them operates these technological instruments which results in more brilliant performances, in helping them hear what their composition or musical arrangements may eventually sound like upon production. Examples of these instruments…    read more 


March 26, 2019 |

In 1999 the global recorded music industry had experienced a period of growth that had lasted for almost a quarter of a century. Approximately one billion records were sold worldwide in 1974, and by the end of the century, the number of records sold was more than three times as high. At the end of the nineties, spirits among record label executives were high and few music industry executives at this time expected that a team of teenage Internet hackers, led by Shawn Fanning (at the time a student at Northeastern University in Boston) would ignite the turbulent process that eventually would undermine the foundations of the industry. Shawn Fanning created and launched a file sharing service called Napster that allowed users to download and share music without compensating the recognized rights holders. Napster was fairly quickly sued by the music industry establishment and was eventually forced to shut down…    read more 


December 21, 2018 |

Many people choose not to use hearing aids due to the sound of their own voice. OVP (Own Voice Processing) from Signia is a game-changer for these people and many others. Chances are, if you’ve heard your own voice in a recording, it’s much different than what you hear when you speak aloud. For people with hearing aids, this effect is amplified every time they speak. This can be disorienting, uncomfortable, and even upsetting for some people. They may feel dissatisfied with their own voice and avoid speaking because of it. For some hearing aid wearers, this effect is so intense that they avoid using hearing aids entirely. That begs the question: what is it about hearing our voices aloud that makes us so uncomfortable? Why Do We Dislike Our Own Voices? When we speak, our vocal chords produce vibrations. These vibrations carry words, phrases, and sounds to other people….    read more 


December 19, 2018 |

Adewole Alao Onilu-Ola is the most detailed Talking-drummer in the entire universe! And I am glad he’s still living! And yes I said it! I spent the entire week on a “whosendme” quest to discover the most melodious percussionist in our vagrant “Zoo”, as our land’s been lately titled by the contemptuous Kanu. The Lion as far as I know, is still the beast to fear when it comes to “cracking bones to suck juicy marrow out of its hollowness in a hurry!” Adewole was the only major ingredient in the Omowura ensemble that was essentially indispensable. He once left the band, and he was begged to come back. If the mercurial Anigilaje’s antecedent is worth its relevance, then that’s a big deal! Alao, peradventure could be the only band member Ayinla probably begged hard to come back into his arrangement after that one disgruntedly left the power dynamic and…    read more 


December 17, 2018 |

You might not know but, purchased music downloads are for the good of both the artistes and music consumers. I know you wonder how, let me walk you through it. For the artiste, the purchase of his music assures the artiste his work is loved and respected to the extent consumers can part with money to have it. No other encouragement can be more than this. Not to mention good music requires that good money is spent in its production. Studio sessions are not free neither do producers/musicians work for free. To enable the artistes churn out good materials from time to time, there has to be returns on previous productions, the producers/musicians who worked on previous production shouldn’t be owed to ensure they give their best on the new one. The artiste is able to monitor the sale of his work, having an idea of what returns should be…    read more 


December 4, 2018 |

Sequel to the last episode, the general public need be made aware of significance of the professionals of music. Squashing the longstanding ideology that doing music is not a profession, only a hobby will take a lot on the part of professionals themselves. I recall a little scene between a mother hen and hawk. The hawk tried hard to take one of the chicks but the mother hen used all her wit and might to fend it off; such the result of determination to protect one’s space – niche. To change the orientation and earn the respect of the populace two things need be practiced day in day out; everyone associated with music professionally have to – hone their skills and blow their horn. • Hone your skills Skill levels have got be upped. Learning and unlearning must be engaged. Exposure to new materials, if need to travel far or…    read more 


November 21, 2018 |

Becoming successful in a career doesn’t just happen by the number of years spent on a career or just day dreaming. No matter how talented you’re as artiste, it is very necessary that you get more strategic and intentional about the business side of your craft. Below are some tips that could help you as an artiste to achieve more success in your music career; – Be resourceful; Don’t always present yourself like someone who only needs help. Always think of what to offer people you want to tap from. Don’t cultivate the habit of requesting for help from people you can’t offer anything in return. – Build capacity on how to calm down during situation of stress. Deal with stress, pain, rejections maturely and not by avoiding it or finding an easy way out. Alot of artiste and musicians who make usuage of drugs as an escape means always…    read more 


November 20, 2018 |

The music industry more than any other industry has evolved greatly in the last 10 years. However it is important for artistes especially the upcoming ones to learn and follow these steps just like today’s top rated successful artistes. – The ability to always think about “The Big Picture”. There’s a part of your career that brings fulfilment, not just for the money and fame. – The ability to bring to the table than just your music skill. Musicians should be intellectually inclined and balanced. Musicians that are successful are business people. There is a popular saying that readers are leaders, cultivate the habit of reading so that you can be well aware and informed about updates and new developments in the music industry,this will position you as a pacesetter in your music career. – Be positive, always have a “Everyone wins” attitude . – Have a specific type of…    read more 

MUSIC: A True Professionalism Or One Of Life’s Side Gigs?

November 15, 2018 |

There’s only a fine line before a sound is regarded as unpleasant or disruptive to hearing. To remain in the confines of ordered tones, there is a need for those who have gained its mastery. For these people, Music is their life and their craft – they are called Music professionals. If it is said to ‘take a village to raise a child’, I dare say it’s up to a ‘village’ of music profs to make sound sound good. Each master of the craft sees to various aspects; from the musicians to the songwriter, to the singer and backup singers, to the voice coach, to the music editor, to mix engineer, to record producer. Everyone playing a role to create a beautiful piece, dedicating hours of rigorous work to its perfection. To these ones alone, the term ‘rehearsal’ is a friend for a lifetime . The world seems to laugh…    read more 


November 9, 2018 |

“Music is to the soul what words are to the mind” said rock band Modest Mouse and I understand them first hand. I have experienced this magic a lot of times, but a particular one lingers. It felt like I was floating in air with every strand of hair on my body levitating – goose bumps. The sonority in the room was simply magical. Suddenly, every bit of despair was gone; more like a pint of hope had been infused through my veins. Several weeks of gloom was gone in seconds. My soul…literarily touched with no one around. All these through the wired two piece on each side of my head. Music has achieved so much wonders in the world. A widely spoken of scene during the First World War describes a widespread unofficial ceasefire accomplished to sing Christmas carols. When the spear header was asked, he said he needed…    read more