October 7, 2020 |

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Careers In The Music Industry


September 30, 2020 |

The music industry has grown beyond just performing on a stage, there are a lot of professionals behind the scene making things work. Not everyone can or should be performing on the stage, there are a lot of careers in the music industry that you can explore to help you make enough money and fulfillment alongside what you currently do and this will require you to be focused, flexible and consistent. A career in the music industry is quite unique and interesting compared to careers in other industries because the modules operandi are different in many ways. Being a creative industry, it has the formal and the informal sides to it with the latter more focused on in this part of the world and it also feels like it is already a saturated industry but I assure you that there are only a few who are fully trained and equipped…    read more 

Tips to becoming successful in the music industry

September 29, 2020 |

In the music industry being a successful artist doesn’t just happen because you can sing well, there are a lot of good artists that are not known, not because they cannot sing well but because they lack some essential information that they need to become a successful artist in the music industry. We all need Edge, patience, consistency, and a sustainable process to follow to get to our desired goal as a music artist in the industry. I will be discussing five crucial tips that you can follow to help you become successful in the music industry. 1. Stay Informed: change is a constant thing in the world which is why in any sphere you meet yourself it’s quite important that you keep yourself updated on everything going on in your industry. know all that you need to know about your industry, know the latest songs, how to produce, get…    read more 

Free Music Distribution Deal

May 1, 2020 |

Free Music Distribution Deal May 1, 2020| Porchmusicbox As performers, we are in very unusual times where there are no gigs, no shows and no form of events holding in countries around the world. This has put a limit on creative expression of artistes and the ability to making any income from their talent. Well, not any longer! Will you like to get your music across continents on all major digital platforms for FREE? Porch Music Box, in collaboration with Broma16, is calling on Artists, Producers, Record label owners and all Music Rightsholders for song submission for free distribution on all major music digital platforms across different continents. Broma16 is a Music Distribution and Licensing Company based in the Netherlands who have distributed music worldwide for over 650 Rightsholders including Publishers, Record labels, Authors, Composers, Performers/Artists. Visit www.Broma16.com for more in Terms & Conditions: – Rightsholders must have 100% rights…    read more 


March 3, 2020 |

After a tedious (or not) search, an artiste finally gets a manager who is expected to be trustworthy, efficient and diligent about the entertainment business of the artiste. However, there are grey areas the artiste needs to “sort out” in the contract before its execution. Activities Covered. The artiste needs to decide on the kind of activities the management contract shall cover. Will it cover everything the artiste does in the entertainment business or it’ll be restricted to activities in only music business. An artiste might start out as a songwriter/performer and later transition into acting/modelling. The manager might just be very capable of handling all entertainment related activities or he may just be an expert in music business, with the know-how of the film and modeling industry. It would be calamitous to hand over all entertainment related business to the manager who is only skilled in music business. The…    read more 


2019 was an eventful year for the Nigerian recorded music industry. We saw some major international mainstream cross overs from Nigerian artists, foreign investment and partnerships with music companies, as well as continued growth in music streaming across the board. A lot of articles documenting the various highlights of the year are already out there, so here are three predictions about the Nigerian recorded music business for 2020. 1. New Wizkid Solo Project Wizkid has had an interesting couple of years. On the one hand he has barely put out any solo music (singles/projects), but on the other his brand — primarily through non-music related activities — has been growing from strength to strength — meaning his lack of solo music releases has not affected his relevance or standing. However, one can fully expect a project from him this year. The first reason for this prediction is that it has…    read more 


June 27, 2019 |

How does it do it?… Like magic, kinda sorcery, it drives away pains, heals the heart, edifies the spirit, brings back to life, intoxicates the soul, communes with life itself, gives love a meaning and makes everything beautiful and renewed…  It’s spelt M-U-S-I-C.  Everyone is caught  in it’s Web already irrespective of who they are, white or black, educated or illiterate, exposed or naive, rich or poor, its  got the same hold on all. It’s so amazing how people explore it’s potentials at every second of every minute of everyday yet live in oblivion of its powers… It’s  spelt M-U-S-I-C There is a God somewhere and to get to him, music is a channel.  You want to communicate to a large stream of audience without stress, Music is a channel To spur a rich man (politician) into parting with his money for the benefit of the society, Music is a…    read more 


June 17, 2019 |

Nigerians have always had a thing or two to argue about the meaning of some lyrical content in mainstream Nigerian music. What would we possibly say makes up good composition of music? Poetry. We only have one style of music in the mainstream Nigerian music scene and it’s called. Search for the best Nigerian songs that have rocked 2019 so far, come back and comment on what the lyrics really mean. If you can do that, you need to agree with the fact that we are not creative with our lyrics. However, not all Nigerian songs have very bad lyrical content. We have seen some contemporary musicians in Nigeria, who have been able to carve a niche for themselves and save the rest from utmost disgrace and bad names. We have the likes of Bez, Timi Dakolo, MI, SDC, Tuface and some others. They are the ones that really give…    read more 


June 12, 2019 |

I’ve always loved music. It’s been my escape from the world when nothing seemed to make sense. I just put on my headphones and travel to the world of my favorite artists. When I’m happy, Drake helps me celebrate; when I’m sad, Coldplay cheers me up and when I’m jogging, Florence and the Machine pushes me further. Even as I’m writing this article I’m listening to my favorite Soundcloud artist Paige Joiner to set the mood. Music is the love of my life that loves me completely with no questions asked and wants nothing in return but my attention. I knew music was my soul-mate when I was twelve years old and my Dad took me to a Sean Paul concert. I became lovesick and prayed that I never got healed. The sounds in the air, the energy of the crowd, it was the first time I was lost for…    read more 


June 11, 2019 |

The music genre, “Afro-pop” is referred to as contemporary African pop sound. This term is not streamlined to a particular style or sound. The full meaning of Afro-pop is African popular music. Loud and danceable beats with amazing hooks in any Nigerian language or our general pidgin English makes up the Nigerian Afrobeat sound. This amazing and unique sound of ours is what shakes up the streets of Lagos, and from there vibrates to the world. This unique sound is making waves globally. But, it’s important to note that things haven’t always been this way. Throwing it back to the early 1990s when Nigeria left the shambles of the military dictatorship that almost ruined our music industry. A new sound was birthed in Nigeria. Some artists like Plantashun Boiz brought a young and vibrant sound into our country. After about twenty years after, this sound of ours has travelled far…    read more