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Careers In The Music Industry

The music industry has grown beyond just performing on a stage, there are a lot of professionals behind the scene making things work. Not everyone can or should be performing on the stage, there are a lot of careers in the music industry that you can explore to help you make enough money and fulfillment alongside what you currently do and this will require you to be focused, flexible and consistent. A career in the music industry is quite unique and interesting compared to careers in other industries because the modules operandi are different in many ways.
Being a creative industry, it has the formal and the informal sides to it with the latter more focused on in this part of the world and it also feels like it is already a saturated industry but I assure you that there are only a few who are fully trained and equipped to deliver their jobs excellently. If you have been thinking of starting a career in the music industry, below are some of the career options you can explore;

1. Performing and Writing: This is the most common aspect of the music industry. In this category, we have the Performing artiste, Music arranger, Songwriters and Band musicians. This aspect of the music industry doesn’t necessarily require you to have a college degree but however it requires you to be talented to some degree for you to thrive. These professionals in this field earn from performance fee, royalties and publishing rights.

2. Recording and Record Industry: These category consist of the Music producer, Mixing and mastering engineer, Recording engineer, Recording artiste, AnR (Artiste and Repertoire), Promoter and many more. To be get started in this career path, you might need enroll in a music school or intern with an established professional or music company so as to learn all the technicalities it entails. These professionals earn from service charge fees, percentage commission or royalties as the case may be.

3. Music Education: This is the aspect of the industry where people are educated, trained and enlightened to get started in any aspect of the industry. Players in this area are the Music teacher/Instructor, Vocal coach and Music director. You can’t be successfully proficient in this as a career if you are not already a professional in a particular aspect of the music industry. The professionals in this field earn from tuition, service and consultation fees.

4. Merchandise: You can venture into selling musical instruments/equipments and Brand products in the music industry. You will need to be proactive about it and develop excellent business skills. You might not necessarily need to own a physical store because now you can signup here on www.porchmusicbox.com to create a digital store for free where you can display your products for potential buyers to contact you directly. You can also be a middle man, connecting buyers and sellers together then get your own percentage on each sale.

5. Music business: This is an adventurous aspect of the music industry because it is broad, complex and its dynamism is a bit different from other career businesses. Players in this field are the Artiste manager, Booking agent, Tour manager, Marketer, Publicist, Entertainment lawyer and Investors etc. They make their earning from Salary and Percentage commission.

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