Black Sheriff Finally Drops His First Album

Black Sheriff Finally Drops His First Album

The 20-year-old Ghanian singer, Black Sheriff finally drops his first album “The Villain I Never Was” since Kwaku The Traveller. 

As much as he is an entertainer, Black Sheriff has found a way to motivate people with his songs through his deep lyrics.

The Album, ‘The Villain I Never Was’ is a 14-track album that features his major hit songs, Kwaku the Traveller and Second Sermon remix (ft Burna Boy), his most recent single, SOJA is also a track on the album.

Below is a list of the full tracklist:

  1. The Homeless Song

2. Oil in my Head

3. 45

4. Soja

5. Prey Da Youngsta

6. Sad Boys Don’t Fold

7. Konongo Zongo

8. Wasteman

9. We Up

10. Toxic Love City

11. Don’t Forget Me

12. Oh Paradise

13. Kwaku The Traveller

14. Second Sermon (Remix)  (feat. Burna Boy)

The album is a full-blown motivational and inspirational one; talking about the album on Twitter, Blacko shared a post where he said “It took me everything to give life to this body. The one thing in my life that I gave everything up for. 

There is life in this body, I hope it treats you good and speaks to you like I want it to.” This is exactly what the album entails.

Here’s what fans on Twitter has to say:

Listen to the album and share your opinions in the comment box! 

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