If you’ve spent ample time in the Music Industry, you’d have realized that it takes more than having a good voice to ace every performance and hit the mark of excellence everytime you grace the stage.

Your comportment on stage, the proper use of available space on stage, ability to carry the audience along and this very underrated one; your microphone techniques are also skills that you must master if you will excel in The Music World.

The way the microphone is used could have a positive or negative effect on your performance. While employing the accurate techniques for handling a microphone could ‘make’ your performance, improper microphone techniques could ‘break’ it.

So it’s imperative for singers to have proper microphone techniques as one of the arrows in their quiver. 

Without further Ado, Let’s dive in!

#TIP 1


We begin with this tip because it’s one of the simplest yet overlooked vocal microphone techniques.

Many newbies and even some veterans are ignorant of this particular microphone technique.

The instrument, ‘The Microphone’ has a component inside the windscreen (round outer part) that plays a vital role in amplifying sound. This component comprises of the diaphragm, moving coil and magnet. It is also positioned upwards at the centre of the windscreen.

Hence, the best way to handle the microphone when singing into it, is to sing into the centre of the microphone and not the sides as many singers often do.

Why this Mistake is very common amongst Singers

One of the reasons a lot of singers make the mistake of singing into the sides of the microphone asides the fact that they never cared to learn microphone techniques is the MANNER in which they hold and position the microphone whilst singing.

Holding the microphone by your chest as you sing, with the fingers covering the centre, in front of your face at 90 degrees, and holding it too far away from your face; all these are improper mannerisms for holding and positioning the microphone while singing.

A good microphone positioning for vocals would be around 60-80 degrees facing you and around 2-3 inches away.

Microphone techniques are simply to ensure the best sounds are emitted during your performance to give you a nice excellent rating and boost your confidence as you sing.


This article recognizes the differences in vocal types and vocal ranges and the diverse effects these differences could have when the microphone is in use. So, one thing you must not fail to do as you learn to sing into the microphone correctly is to always experiment with the distance and angles to see which sounds best for your voice.

This article is in series, i.e there are other parts of this topic released on this blog, unveiling proper microphone techniques and common mistakes singers make whilst using the microphone as well as other tips to becoming a better musician.

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Author: John G-AuRa

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