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November 8, 2018 |

LAGOS ARE YOU READY??? Beyond Possibilities Concert is a platform where talents find expression in God centred manner. We look forward to receiving you this year, friday, Dec21. As we are ready to explosively express the revelation of Jesus through spoken words, music, dance, theatre and so much performances from our dear highly esteemed guests….. Watch this space for more info!


November 7, 2018 |

Introducing our latest e-commerce platform “PorchMusicBox”, a premium one-stop shop meeting all your music products and services needs. You can now get your favorite music downloads, hottest job offers, freshest gist in the Music Industry, visibility for your products, best buys with value for your money and lots more. Feel free to sign up as an employee, employer or vendor. Hit us at www.porchmusicbox Follow us on: Instagram: @porchmusicbox Facebook: Porch Music Box


November 7, 2018 |

Never before in the history of humanity have so many different kinds of music been so easily available to so many people. The development of the electronic media in the latter part of the 20th Century revolutionized access to and use of music in our everyday lives. We can turn on the radio, play a CD or tape, or listen to music on video or TV with very little effort. This has not always been the case. Prior to these developments, music was only accessible for most people if they made it themselves or attended particular religious or social events. The effects of these changes have been dramatic. It is now possible for us to use music to manipulate personal moods, arousal and feelings, and create environments which may manipulate the ways that other people feel and behave. Individuals can and do use music as an aid to relaxation, to…    read more 

Hello There! Welcome to PorchMusicBox

November 7, 2018 |

PorchMusicBox is a full-service e-commerce platform for premium quality music services as well products across Nigeria and West Africa. Whether your music language is a paradiddle or riffs or you need the best music equipments and aids with the best value for your money or you want to download latest music, devotionals and other music materials or you desire to explore endless career options as a music professional or provide career opportunities for certified and skillful music professionals or you simply want to connect with the music buffs out there and be in the know of current going-ons in and around the music /entertainment industry at large…. your needs are met right here at PorchMusicBox. Get ready because this is about to be your favorite site and one stop shop…so you might want to bookmark us ⭐ www.porchmusicbox.com


November 5, 2018 |

Music—Evidence of creation Humans seem to be drawn irresistibly to music. We may not all know how many semiquavers make a minim, but we know what kind of music helps us to relax after a hard day.  In fact, even if we were tone deaf, it wouldn’t stop most of us from knowing just what hits the right chords for the sweetness of our souls. Soldiers march better when they have band music to help them keep in step. Mental patients are said to have been calmed by the playing of soothing tunes. Work is done faster when brisk music is being played within hearing distance. National pride is heightened when foreigners hear songs from their home country… Music is uniquely wonderful. It is incapable of being touched, yet it touches everyone who is capable of hearing sounds. It can seemingly evoke any emotion: we instinctively respond to happy tunes,…    read more