Our God is awesome in supremacy so much that every nation, land, tribe, and tongue developed their own way of calling, hailing and eulogizing Him. Although there is no exact name that can really describe the supremacy of our God, but we still try to call Him names in our indigenous dialect as the spirit gives us utterances. In Nigeria, the Yorubas(first tribe) call Him names like: Alagbada-ina(the one who is clothed with fire), Onise-iyanu(wonder worker), Erujeje(fearful God) etc. the Hausas(second tribe) call Him Maigagara-misali(beyond comparison), Dutsen-ceto(rock of salvation) etc.
Now talking about Ebubedikekaibu, this is one the mysterious names of God from the Igbo(third tribe) dialect. It literally translates to the great and mighty God, it can also mean strong and mighty, but the meaning in itself is mysterious.
The song Ebubedikekaibu is total inspiration unto me coined from His word in Psalms 136, it has really blessed and still blessing my life, I strongly believe that God will prove His greatness and mightiness in every situation you are faced with even as you listen to the song with faith. God bless you.


  • Porchmusicbox
    December 14, 2018

    The energy and words in this song is so powerful and inspiring!

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