911 By Darasimi And Lawrence Oyor Is Out!

The highly anticipated official music video of Lawrence and Darasimi Oyor has been released and is available on Lawrence Oyor’s YouTube channel.

Darasimi Oyor took to her Twitter handle to make known to her followers and the masses, that the official video is out.

The couple worked together on this track in collaboration with Mount Zion Music Studios to produce the amazing track.

A fan wrote concerning the track, ‘911’

“I just listened to 911 by Darasimi and Lawrence Oyor. 

First thing that stood out to me was the fact that l could see the synergy between the two of them. It reminded me of Susu and Banky.😊 The preservation/growth of their individual talents/giftings in marriage.πŸ‘ The kind of things we love to see.☺️

Musically speaking, it is a good piece. If you are a lover of good music. This is. Dara’s voice is so soothing, with the blend of her husband’s… πŸ‘Œ goosebumps everywhere. The kind of song you instantly add to your playlist and put on repeat.

Overall, it is a powerful message. Very relatable. You get reminded of the times you ignored those nudges and find yourself pledging never to anymore. The depiction of the fact that someone’s life, sustenance, hope etc is most often tied to your obedience is an important awareness.

You’re definitely missing, if you are yet to see it!

P.S Thanks to the Oyors for yielding. More grace, and grease to their elbow”.

Do well to grace your ears with this sound from the Oyors.

Author:John G-AuRa

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