7 Surprising Secrets About Davido You Weren’t Told

David “Davido” Adeleke popularly known as Omo Baba Olowo (OBO), is a multi-award-winning Nigerian singer who initially garnered prominence in 2011 with his rave hit single “Back Then”. He was born in the USA on November 21, 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia. Since making his debut in the music industry, the Nigerian superstar has excelled, and he has done so in an intriguing way. Seven obscure facts about Davido that may have gone unnoticed by you have been highlighted.

Grandfather of Davido was a politician.

Chief Raji Ayoola Adeleke is the name of Davido’s grandfather. The late Chief was a politician, a nurse, and an activist when he was alive. Chief Adeleke is reputed to have been born in the courtyard of Onilegogoro in Ede town to Madam Adeboyin, one of Ede’s most renowned Iyalodes (the head of market women).

Ede, Osun State, is Chief Adeleke’s home town, and he had the chance to serve as District 11’s senator. Chief Adeleke received a certificate from the Medical Department Nursing School in 1947 attesting to his status as a licensed nurse. He became a founder member of the Nigeria Union of Nurses in 1948.

Davido’s grandfather held many positions in Ede during his life, including vice president, director, head of the Federal Labour Advisory Council, and chairman of the Nigerian Red Cross. He belonged to the Nigerian United Labour Congress as well. In 1976, he was given the title of Balogun of Ede.

Davido’s late mother was a lecturer at Babcock University

On November 23, 1963, Veronica Adeleke was born. In the city of Benin, Edo State, in Nigeria’s South-South geopolitical zone, she was born. She afterwards relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, in the USA, where she briefly resided.

At the time, Veronica held a good position as a lecturer at Babcock University, and her husband was a reputable benefactor to the institution. She was regarded by several faculty members as being a bright, educated woman who could teach freshmen a vast amount of information. Despite Veronica Adeleke’s dying fifteen years ago, Babcock University staff and alumni still praise her positive influence. Her family holds a major celebration for her every year, and they also invite a lot of well-known people.

Davido’s mother passed away in 2003 at the age of 39. The only children Dr. Veronica had with Davido’s father were Sharon and David. She owned a music group and record label during her lifetime called David’s band after her son. Since her passing, Chief Adedeji Adeleke has made an effort to remarry, but every relationship has ended in divorce.

Davido quit studying at Oakwood University

Davido was sent to Oakwood University in the US at the age of 16 to seek a degree but wasn’t prepared for it. His grades fell as a result of his intense enthusiasm for music distracting him from his academics.

After three semesters, he left school without telling his father for several months. He returned to Lagos in 2011 with tattoos and body piercings after his family made numerous unsuccessful attempts to locate him. He was held at the airport by his father, who was furious.

not having obtained the business management degree he was meant to obtain in America and failing to bring it home. Davido created beats and sampled vocals prior to leaving Oakwood University’s business administration program.

Davido Studied at 4 Institutions

Davido and his father came to an agreement: he would enroll in a private institution after previously attended two schools without success. Davido enrolled in Babcock University, a private institution of higher learning in Nigeria, to study business management.

Davido’s father Chief Adeleke funded the university’s establishment of a music department with a debut class of just one despite the fact that Davido continued to shock his father by declaring that he no longer wanted to pursue a career in business. He published his first single while still a student, and thanks to the success of the song Dami Duro, he became well-known.

Beginning His Career As A Music Producer

He had a liking for music in his late teens and began learning about music production while attending Oakwood University. Davido started making beats and acquiring musical equipment while he was a student at Oakwood. Along with his cousins B-Red and Sina Rambo, he established the musical ensemble KB International.

After leaving Oakwood University to focus solely on music, Davido moved to London to work on his vocals. He stopped attending school and relocated to Lagos, Nigeria, where he concentrated completely on music before releasing his debut single, “Back Then,” in 2011.

Davido’s father attempted to arrest him as well, but instead arrested his manager and girlfriend

On Charlamange Thagod’s morning show, Davido talked about how his musical career got started and how his father, who wasn’t initially in favor of the attempt, hired police officers to arrest his manager, his fiancĂ©e, and the performance promoter.

The gifted performer recalled the first show, saying, “I remember being upstairs in the green room and preparing to come down when I looked down and there were like 50 policemen. My ex was taken at the time, she was arrested, along with my road manager and promoter.

Davido said, “I remember I ran and went through the rear fence. My dad said, “If you don’t come to the police station, all your buddies are going to jail,” as I picked up the phone. When I arrived to the police station, the policeman’s phone immediately began to ring with my song playing. He eventually let us leave.

The wealthiest musician in Nigeria is Davido

One of the biggest names in African music right now is Davido, the multimillionaire’s son who is very popular in Nigeria. But despite challenges from his family, he never lost up on his ambition to become a musician.

Davido is contacted by brands all over the world because he is a well-known member of society. The musician collaborates with well-known businesses including MTN, Infinix, and Pepsi in addition to having a relationship with Travelbeta and serving as an ambassador for AXE. Also, he had the chance to perform during the coveted FIFA World Cup closing ceremony. Beyond all of these endorsements, Davido lives up to his 30BG promises through his extravagant lifestyle and gifts. Davido became one of Nigeria’s most well-known and affluent musicians because to his frequent collaborations with foreign bands, which helped his music gain popularity and increase in sales.

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