Just as there are certain criteria and characteristics that make up a good lawyer, banker, doctor, there are also characteristics that make great and terrific singers.

Carefully going through this article with an open mind, you’ll find that most of your prolific songwriters, music mentors, vocal trainers and artists possess these qualities and it’s basically what differentiates them from you.


1.  Diligence in STRICTLY ADHERING to daily vocal exercises and warm ups:

This first bullet point is One of the Greatest secrets of ‘The Greats’ in the Music Industry. Every Great singer has  his daily routine consisting of vocal exercises and warm ups from specific, competent vocal trainers who help them groom their voices and singing to the level you see today. 

But it must be noted that, It’s not just the routines that makes them great per se but the undying commitment to keep to those routines consistently no matter how busy or tired they are; it’s no news that nothing brings results like consistency, in doing the right thing at that.

It’s a must have characteristic if you must be Great in the Music Industry.

Don’t negotiate/play with rehearsals and daily vocal exercises! KEEP THEM AT ALL COST!

2. Get acquainted with The Ethics of Performance:

‘The Ethics of Performance’ refers to The codes of conduct that must be adhered to as a Singer both to your host and your audience. These also applies to codes that guide your conduct during a performance or ministration and these includes;

– How to properly hold a microphone

– Never try to pull off a stunt you’ve not mastered back to back in rehearsals during a performance.

– Never spend more time than is allocated to you by your host no matter how ecstatic the performance is.

– Stage management and coordination and lots more.

– Enunciation- Proper pronunciation of words while singing.

All Great singers have these in their inventory and they use it as the need arises. Having this quality is a non-negotiable necessity you must have to ‘become’ in the Music Industry.

3. Mastery of Vocal Techniques:

Great singers understand the Beauty and Harmony vocal techniques like; vibrato, vocal fry, falsetto, head voice, riffs, runs and the likes, bring to their Music. 

These techniques create a sonic pattern that usually integrates with the mind of the listeners, creating a sweet repeating jingle in the minds of the audience which keeps making the song reoccur in their mouths and immediately the masses pick it up, the song takes off.

Plus these techniques catch the attention of listeners when used correctly by a Master of these arts and their use.

4. Mastery of The Four Major Parts:

Getting familiar with Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass are qualities Great singers possess more like skills they learnt and you should learn too if you want to be Great. This sets one into another level of excellence and creativity in delivery such that the Singer can spot out parts wrongly sung by the back ups and easily make corrections – aiding Excellence in delivery.

Professional Singers ought to know how to sing all parts. Things like these, extra steps taken in Diligence (which are actually seen as unnecessary by upcoming artistes) are what separates the ‘goats from the sheep’. 

5. Take a step to learn an Instrument:

This will be the final most anticipated step for this edition of this topic and it’s very important. 

I know you don’t believe it but…

Professional Singers should have basic knowledge of music and sounds by learning and mastering at least one instrument especially instruments that require knowledge of solfa notations like the Keyboard, Guitar, Sax, recorder…

It is stated that most instrumentalists would hardly ever sing off key or hit wrong notes. There’s a psychological effect mastering an instrument has on you as a Singer which will go a long way to improve your singing. 

Show me a great singer who doesn’t play an instrument and I’ll show you two great singers who do; Dunsin Oyekan, Frank Edwards, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Johnny Drille, Nathaniel Bassey, Beautiful Nubia, Lagbaja and the list goes on.

While learning an instrument may not be a must have, at least basic knowledge of the intricacies of music and sounds via an instrument will be of great help to your music career.

It’s so amazing that Porch Music Box shares these tips and probably secrets of Greatness your favourite vocalists and artistes would probably never tell You.

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